Landscape Maintenance for New Shrubs

Landscape maintenance is the art and profession of maintaining a landscape condition, usually in a neighborhood, garden, playground, public place, school or estate. It includes repairing damage to the landscape such as trees, ditches, ponds, pools, etc. It also includes the regular cleaning of these assets. The landscape maintenance includes mowing lawns, trimming bushes, mulching, and edging the landscape. There are various services provided by landscape maintenance service providers. Read to the end to get more on landscaping.
They include equipment used for maintenance like hoeing, raking, cutting, trimming, seeding, mulching and other activities related to landscaping. There are different types of landscape maintenance tasks. They include irrigation, landscape designing, site preparation, periodic maintenance, periodic site clearance, landscape construction, site repair and design, fence installation and landscape maintenance. Irrigation is a critical function of landscape maintenance. This is done to manage soil conditions and to ensure that there is no shortage of oxygen. Irrigation systems include well, septic tank, subsurface drainage and surface irrigation.
Site preparation is one of the major tasks included in landscape maintenance. This is to prepare the land for development and to determine the purpose of the development. Site preparation involves analysis of soil characteristics, surveying the area for access, electrical, plumbing, natural and built utilities, underground cables and poles, etc. Before you start with any of the landscaping activities, it is always better to chalk out a landscape maintenance plan so that you can keep all the activities together.
Aeration is another essential task included in landscape maintenance. This is essential for increasing the fertility of soil, regulating temperatures and controlling moisture level. Aeration process can either be soil aeration using mechanical means or artificial aeration using mechanical digesters, aerators, and soil-based aeration devices. Depending on the requirements, a landscaping company may opt for anaerobic aeration system where there is a high demand for air in the soil and there is little supply of oxygen.
Fertilization is considered as the most important aspect of commercial landscape maintenance. There are two types of fertilization techniques such as annual and bi annually. One should always prefer annual fertilization since it helps in removing debris, improving soil fertility and also facilitates weed control. Bi-annual fertilization is usually used for shrubs in dry seasons, such as spring and fall. However, it is important to check the availability of the right kind of fertilizer in the market since some nutrients are commonly found in some of the bi-annual and annual varieties but not in the annual type. With a company, you get more info.
When we talk about mowing, a landscaping company may need to perform mowing throughout the year. Frequent mowing helps in preventing the formation of tall grasses around the edges of the plot. An effective mowing system should be able to provide a consistent height across the lawn. If one has decided to get professional lawn mowing service for this job, it is very important to know about the best mowing machine that is suited for the plot. Some mowers offer more powerful cuts while others may need to be used occasionally after the initial set-up.

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